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About Slicky Sticky®

Slicky Sticky® is a high quality polyacrylamide, specifically formulated as a hydro-seeding mulch additive.  It is fully biodegradable, environmentally safe, and E.P.A. exempt.

Superior to Guar                                                                                           Slicky Sticky® provides soil erosion protection and lubrication at rates as low as 3 ounces per bag of mulch.  However, research indicates that ½ to ¾ of a pound per 1,000 square feet of application provides erosion benefits superior to guar.

Prevents Machine Clogging                                                                         Slicky Sticky® makes any mulch product, paper or wood, very slippery and easier to pump. Slicky Sticky® is 6 to 8 times more slippery than guar, so clogging is highly unlikely in any machine

Better Mulch Performance                                                                         Slicky Sticky® has a profound effect on the performance of paper or wood fiber mulch. Slicky Sticky® allows coverage of 1¼ to 1½ times the land area using the same amount of mulch. And, when Slicky Sticky® is applied, mulch longevity is increased, further stabilizing the soil until the planted seed becomes established.

Better Seedling Emergence                                                                         Slicky Sticky® is an effective tackifier which prevents seed and mulch from washing.  But it also enhances seed germination, usually resulting in quicker and a more uniform grass establishment. For faster and better grass growing results, always use Slicky Sticky® in every tank load.

Slicky Sticky® is packaged in an easy-to-pour, 15 pound plastic bottle with a screw-on-lid. This convenient packaging helps avoid slippery machine decks caused by wet or torn bags, or spilled product.


Establishing a beautiful lawn is easier with Slicky Sticky®.


With Slicky Sticky®

  • Better Erosion Protection
  • Better Seed Germination
  • Better Mulch Performance
  • More Uniform Emergence
    •          AND

  • Reduces or Eliminates Clogging

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